“The grim reality of modern-day slavery”

black_lens_front_coverKirkus Reviews Magazine


The Black Lens is a dark literary thriller by Christopher Stollar, exposing the underbelly of sex trafficking in rural America. The author’s debut novel won Grand Prize in the 2016 Writer’s Digest Self-Published e-Book Awards. It also became a Finalist in the Indie Book Awards and a Semifinalist in the Book Pipeline Competition.


“The Black Lens is both compelling and heart wrenching. It shows the realistic, complex components of human trafficking in the United States. I know only too well how easily this can happen and how hard it is to escape. Excellent writing!”

Theresa Flores, trafficking survivor, founder of TraffickFree and best-selling author of The Slave Across the Street


Zoey James has pimp trouble. And even though he doesn’t know it, her pimp has Zoey trouble. Big Zoey trouble.

In a dark world of meth addiction, trailer parks and abuse, Zoey has seen it all. But when she and her disabled sister are forced into a small-town sex ring, the teenage girls find out just how brutal the world can be. And when someone kills her mother as retaliation for a failed escape attempt, Zoey decides to fight back.

Teaming up with a photojournalist, Zoey exposes wealthy and powerful men who play in the dirty, back-alley world of modern slavery. The price for her cooperation is freedom. The cost of failure is her life.


Boyle and DaltonThe author is donating 10 percent of his earnings from this book to organizations that battle modern slavery.

The Black Lens was released in 2016 by Boyle & Dalton, an independent publisher, and is available now from all major retailers (hardcover, paperback and digital formats).