More than a dozen people have reviewed The Black Lens so far, but the one below means a lot to me because it comes from a survivor of sex trafficking.

Check out this review from Jennifer Kempton, founder of Survivor’s Ink — a nonprofit organization that funds cover-up tattoos to replace slavery brands:

“As a survivor of sex trafficking myself, I went in with concerns that this fiction book wouldn’t accurately portray the reality of trafficking. Society has so many misconceptions about human trafficking because of movies like Taken and false imagery of girls with chains or in pickle jars. That isn’t the reality, it happens, but kidnapping and being chained up is not the mass majority.

With that being said, my concern of this book adding to those misconceptions diminished more and more as I read. This book is not only an engaging page turner but also accurately portrays how some young girls get pulled into this horrific life. I highly recommend this book. Which means a lot coming from me because I’m all about reality, not fiction. Christopher Stollar kept reality at the forefront, touched on the corruption of officials which is a very real issue, managed to tell an amazing story and raise awareness about how the majority of us get pulled in and manipulated into that life! This is a great read!”

During Jennifer’s horrific time on the streets, she was branded and sold by her abusers. After obtaining freedom, these marks became constant reminders of her abuse until she was given the gift of a tattoo cover-up. The liberation she experienced through covering her brands inspired her to found Survivor’s Ink. Learn more about the great work Jennifer is doing here.

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