1355291One of Goodreads’ top 100 reviewers in the U.K. just gave The Black Lens a 3.5-star review. This woman’s average rating is 3.62 out of 1,742 ratings and 874 reviews, so that’s really encouraging. Here’s her full review:

The Black Lens so wasn’t what I was expecting at all. In fact it was a pleasant surprise if I dare say that with some of the content of this book?

The story is pretty dark and I am sure for some it will possibly cause triggers, so I would ere on the side of caution for some. I don’t like to give spoilers with my reviews so telling you what I did and didn’t like about this book is hard.

For the first 40% or so I loved this story although I did get severely fed up with them referring to Zoe’s ‘pimp’ all the time as pimp. Seriously, I am sure those who were in league with said pimp wouldn’t be calling them that. It did feel like the author was stock for a choice of words at times and it really grated me. I know that’s petty, but it just felt wrong in the book.

For the last 60% of the book I felt at times things got a little silly. I liked Zoe as a character but at times felt she acted completely immaturely which although she was a teen and of course wouldn’t always be able to make mature safe decisions, I just felt with her upbringing etc and what she had gone through she would have more sense. I will say the scenes with Zoe and the johns were well written, I thought Christopher did a fantastic job there, I was creeped out and felt awful for Zoe. Aiden was a breath of fresh air in this book. If it wasn’t for him I think this book would have been a mere ‘ok’ read where as he saved it for me. I liked his struggles between his job and family and felt he bought a more mature aspect to the story even with the dark content.

Over all The Black Lens is a good book, but after my time of being fed up of the word pimp repeatedly I did feel the whole sex slavery and teen trafficing was wrote well. This book won’t be for everything, the ending does save it which is why this was more of a 3.5 and not a 3 star read. I would still recommend this as I can see lots of people enjoying the darkness behind the tale.

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