GGSS-product-1I just got a great review from The Guardian Group in Bend, Oregon, where The Black Lens takes place:

“This fictional account of sex trafficking was a fast paced page turner. It also has an important message regarding the horrors of this heinous growing industry. It takes brave people like C Stollar to help draw out an intolerance in our society for a crime that goes on under our noses.”

The Guardian Group is a unique organization. It pursues child predators with the help of former elite military and special operations forces who work directly with law enforcement agencies across the country.

This nonprofit is developing a nationwide network of teams to counter sex trafficking and coordinate the rescue of victims. The Guardian Group draws upon years of experience in training, intelligence and operations to achieve counter-network effects.

Learn more about the Guardian Group here. To read more reviews of The Black Lens or order a copy, please go to Amazon.