IMG_2581I just held my first book reading and anti-trafficking event for The Black Lens novel.

Dozens of people attended Stories against Slavery, a unique event at The Narrows that featured local artists, advocates and survivor Jennifer Kempton of Survivor’s Ink. Our event even received praise from Gov. John Kasich:

“The stories of survivors like Jennifer Kempton and others who bravely share their experiences are heartbreaking indeed,” Kasich wrote in a letter to our event organizer. “But these stories, along with the powerful advocacy on display this evening, also offer hope and a message that the anti-trafficking movement is gaining strength in Zanesville and other communities across our state.”

During Stories against Slavery, people got to:

“Because of partnerships like these, in communities throughout Ohio, our state and local law enforcement, social services and advocates are together increasing awareness of human trafficking and working to help those who have been cruelly exploited,” Kasich wrote. “It is my pleasure to recognize the efforts of the survivors, artists and coalition partners who are with you this evening to help the most vulnerable among us who cannot speak for themselves.”

To read reviews of The Black Lens or order a copy, please go to Amazon.