4501926A well-known crime-thriller reviewer who has blogged about more than 500 books on Goodreads just covered The Black Lens novel.

The reviewer gave my debut novel 4 stars, because it “is a well written piece of fiction that points to and challenges a modern curse of our society.” Here’s his full review:

“This is a serious novel about modern day slavery in the USA. Set in the state of (Oregon) it tells of a young girl living with her sister in a trailer park trying to be accepted in her small town community. Meanwhile the book also focuses on a provincial paper where a photographer cum journalist longs for that big story to brake into the big time and work on a quality paper in Seattle.

I found the story at times difficult to read as Zoey and her sister Camille are drawn deeper into the grip of sexual exploitation and child prostitution with man who will stop at nothing to make money out of this despicable trade.

That man, the pimp as a successful businessman can bribe and threaten others within education, social services and law enforcement to maintain his operation.

It is a well written piece of fiction that points to and challenges a modern curse of our society. I loved the tie-ins with Zoey’s literature class looking back on less enlightened times through Dickens. The books they were reading were closer to her own reality than anyone could know and Zoey has no-one to tell for fear of punishment to those she loves.

As a reader you wonder where are the writers in today’s generation writing on social ills or promoting equality for all in contemporary emancipation for slaves, racial justice, economic parity, religious freedom and gender issues.

A compelling tale about under age prostitution and girls trapped as sex slaves. Never glorified or voyeuristic, abuse is abuse and this book does not stimulate acceptance as porn, perpetrators may appear to justify themselves or make excuses. The reader will be as sick as Zoey and grateful of her courage but can this story end well.”

You can see the full review here. To read more reviews of The Black Lens or order a copy, please go to Amazon.