13684015A top 100 U.S. reviewer who has blogged about more than 700 books on Goodreads just covered The Black Lens novel.

The reviewer gave my debut novel 5 stars — the highest ranking possible — because it is a “very well-written compelling story” that “has done a remarkable job in getting a message across.” Here’s her full review:

“Zoey James and her younger sister, Camille find themselves in big trouble. Invited to a party, and then drugged, someone is sending her texts showing Zoey and Camille naked and in various poses. In order to have those pictures deleted permanently, they find themselves forced into a sex ring.

Warned not to say anything to anyone, Zoey decides to try to escape. When her mother is murdered in retaliation for the failed escape, Zoey decides to fight back. Zoey is in a unique position to bring down wealthy and powerful men.

She and her sister will be free … or they will die.

Sex-trafficking is a dark subject and the author has done a remarkable job in getting a message across. Looking at his ‘resume’, it shows that he spent several years digging into this subject and it has paid off with an extraordinary book.

The main characters are singularly remarkable. I admire Zoey for the way she tries her best to protect her sister, who is a little slow. I cannot fathom how a mentally challenged girl would survive in that kind of environment. But both girls are fighters and I found myself rooting for them with everything I have.

Another main character, Aiden, gets a whiff of a story from a friend who happens to be a cop. He gets deeply involved and then gets mad when his family is threatened.

This was a very well-written compelling story.”

You can see the full review here. To read more reviews of The Black Lens or order a copy, please go to Amazon.