black_lens_front_coverA top Goodreads reviewer in the United Kingdom just covered The Black Lens novel.

This reviewer gave my debut novel 5 stars — the highest ranking possible — because it is an “eye-opening” piece of fiction that will “change the way you see things for ever.” Here’s her full review:

“WOW. What a powerful book. Not a gentle read but easy in the sense of you cannot put it down. The cover is totally genius and sums up the book perfectly.

There are so many words to describe this and debauched, depraved and corrupt are just an example. Shockingly, sex trafficking is still alive and well in the USA, as well as many other places in the world. These sick people make an enormous amount of money from young and innocent girls who are caught in a spiral of despair. It is something that we should all be more aware of.

Zoey and her sister, Camille, have had a hard life to date and seen and experienced more than any children should. They lived in a trailer park with their mother who earned money in any way she could. The girls went to a party but couldn’t remember a lot of it as their drinks were spiked. Anonymous photographs of them naked on the same bed are sent to Zoey the following day at school. She knows that she must keep quiet about them as she is threatened with exposure if she tells anyone.

Amongst the abusers are a college administrator, police officer and social worker which is why they are collectively able to keep it under wraps. They recruit girls like them by throwing parties so their drinks can be spiked and then blackmail ensues. However they did not reckon on Zoey and Camille exacting revenge and working to expose them for the serious sexual acts that they are forced to endure, Zoey is a tough girl who has always looked out for the sister who is younger and has various disabilities. Camille also finds the strength to do whatever she has to put a stop to this.

Their pimp Gabriel, a smartly dressed businessman also involves his son Damien in the ‘business’ but he is not able to sit back and watch the horrors unfold especially as Damien and Zoey are friends. He wants to help the girls, especially as their mother died in suspicious circumstances and he thinks it may have had something to do with his father.

I definitely recommend this book as an ‘eye-opening’ piece of fiction. It will change the way you see things for ever.”

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