jack5.000x8.000.inddCan fiction fight sex trafficking?

I asked that question for years while writing The Black Lens, because one of my main goals has always been to use this book as an awareness tool to battle modern slavery.

Several readers have already told me that they wanted to become more involved in the fight as a result of reading my debut novel.

But from the very beginning of my book’s launch, I also pledged to donate 10 percent of my earnings to organizations that fight trafficking. As of today, The Black Lens has now helped fund 5 different nonprofits from Oregon to Ohio:

  1. She Has A Name
  2. TraffickFree
  3. Survivor’s Ink
  4. Unchained
  5. The Guardian Group

Each one of these groups is directly helping survivors. From hotel outreaches to tattoo cover-ups, every organization The Black Lens has supported is making powerful progress in the lives of both men and women trapped in slavery.

Learn more about their role in this battle — and how you can join them.