the-black-lens-min-1A fourth Ohio newspaper just published a great story about The Black Lens novel and sex trafficking.

The Akron Beacon Journal did an excellent job summarizing the plot, describing the rural setting and also focusing on the two main characters:

“Ohio author’s ‘Black Lens’ focuses on sex trafficking. Columbus author Christopher Stollar’s novel The Black Lens is a bleak picture of sex trafficking, child molestation and other shocking themes. Set in tiny La Pine, Ore., the story follows teenage Zoey James and her sister Camille, who live in a trailer with only a single space heater. Their mother has again thrown their father out, but he’ll be back.

One cold night, the girls go out to a party. Zoey has only a few sips of a drink, but blacks out and awakens naked in a dark room with sexual slurs written in marker on her body; Camille is by her side in the same condition. As they make their way home, Zoey receives text threats that if she tells anyone, the sender will beat Camille, who has a developmental disability. Included are photos of the exposed girls.

The girls think they can forget all about the horrible party, but Zoey receives more texts, with additional explicit photos and the message “Want me 2 delete these pics? Ull have 2 earn them.” She doesn’t feel that she has anywhere to turn, so she follows instructions. Two young men offer support, but she doesn’t know if they can help or whom she can trust.

The other major character is Aidan, a news photographer who spends most of his time covering the Pet Parade and getting front-page shots of setting suns. At a political meeting, Aidan learns of a shootout at a motel, and puts some pieces together to realize part of what’s happening. But it’s Zoey who must help herself and Camille.”

Click here for the full story. You can read additional news articles about The Black Lens on the Media page or order a copy on Amazon.