jack5.000x8.000.inddA mentor of sex trafficking survivors just gave The Black Lens novel a 5-star review on Amazon, saying this book “captures the essence of their stories:”

“Christopher did an excellent job of raising awareness of sexual slavery and human trafficking. Through my experience of being a mentor I have come to know several sex trafficking survivors quite well. This book captures the essence of their stories, their pain and their struggles to obtaining healing. The tragedy of human sex trafficking is alive and well in our cities and towns.”

Over 100 readers, reporters and bloggers have now reviewed or rated The Black Lens on both Amazon and Goodreads with a 4-star average. Here are two other reviews from survivors of trafficking:

“As a survivor of sex trafficking myself, I went in with concerns that this fiction book wouldn’t accurately portray the reality of trafficking. Society has so many misconceptions about human trafficking because of movies like Taken and false imagery of girls with chains … With that being said, my concern of this book adding to those misconceptions diminished more and more as I read. This book is not only an engaging page turner but also accurately portrays how some young girls get pulled into this horrific life. I highly recommend this book.”

Jennifer Kempton, survivor of sex trafficking and founder of Survivor’s Ink, a nonprofit organization that funds cover-up tattoos to replace slavery brands

“I am a survivor of this horrific crime and the author did a fantastic job capturing what a victim truly experiences. Though this book is fiction, it happens just like this in our country. It was compelling and riveting and I couldn’t put it down. It is a must read for every parent and teen.”

Theresa Flores, trafficking survivor, founder of TraffickFree and best-selling author of The Slave Across the Street

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