16938539_1318118358275961_2333066865447284600_nCheck out this great review of The Black Lens novel by The Roosevelt Coffeehouse, the No. 1 coffee shop in Columbus according to Columbus Underground:

“It’s the type of day when you grab a hot coffee and a good book. We carry a book by the incredible author, Christopher Stollar, The Black Lens. It captures the fictional tale of a young girl caught in the human trafficking world. A great read and resource for recognizing evil and preventing it from rearing its ugly head.”

The Roosevelt is a social enterprise that uses coffee to fight hunger, unsafe water and human trafficking. You can pick up a copy of The Black Lens at their shop while sipping a cup of coffee or enjoying a pastry.

Columbus Underground also reviewed The Black Lens last year, saying it “is clearly the work of a journalist. It exists to inform and disrupt, and it succeeds.” Check out the full review here.

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