After more than six months of writing and editing, Jonathan J. Anderegg finished a draft of The Black Lens screenplay — and the Senior Executive of Script Pipeline just gave it a great review:

“Really fresh and almost heartbreakingly relevant in how this type of exploitation can happen … you captured something very current, which is of course crucial to give justice to the reality of situations like these. Bravo for turning a spotlight on a shadowed issue we don’t see addressed as often as we should.”

Anderegg’s screenplay received rigorous developmental editing by Script Pipeline after my novel beat out more than 1,300 other books to become a semifinalist in the related Book Pipeline movie competition.

The Black Lens script also placed third in the Oregon Independent Film Festival Screenplay Competition and became a Quarterfinalist in the Scriptapalooza Screenwriting Competition.

Placing in Book Pipeline’s contest means its executives will now consider pitching Anderegg’s screenplay to several production companies that are looking for an original dark thriller or drama. The Black Lens will also continue receiving consideration for industry circulation and personal development assistance from Script Pipeline as part of this national contest, which awards “authors with material appropriate for film or television adaptation.”

The Book Pipeline competition builds upon the success of Script Pipeline, which has discovered hundreds of new writers over the past 16 years. Book Pipeline aims to deliver unique, compelling stories to the industry with the specific intent of getting them on the fast-track to film and television production. Here’s the official review of my debut novel from Book Pipeline:

“A provocative story through and through that exposes the “underbelly” of sex trafficking in America. Revolving around two daughters and a mother who struggle to survive in a cruel and day-to-day lifestyle, the story is both gritty and incredibly eye-opening to a world that has remained largely ignored or hidden due its depraved and illegal nature.

The writing style was extremely vivid, pulling the audience into the raw realism of a chaotic environment and the constant state of self-preservation victims of the sex trade have to endure. This narrative also seems to promise a gripping progression of events when one of the daughters chooses to pursue vengeance on her pimp for killing their mother. From what can be seen here, it seems very plausible that a concept of this design would garner interest from producers or studios seeking to adapt an original dark thriller.” 

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