Is it possible for a piece of fiction to help fight sex trafficking?

That’s a question I asked myself for years while writing The Black Lens. It’s an important one, because one of my main goals has always been to use this book as an awareness tool to battle modern slavery, especially during National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month.

Thankfully, one reader just answered that question for me in her recent review. She said reading The Black Lens opened her eyes to this underground world and actually helped her prevent a potential trafficking situation:

“Since reading this, I have become more aware of the issues and the prevalence of human sex trafficking and have recently witnessed an (incident) at Disneyland Shopping District of someone preying on a young teen sitting alone waiting for her parents to finish shopping. I stepped in and made sure she was not alone and not targeted by the man asking her inappropriate questions and inviting her to help him with his bags to his car.”

The reviewer continues:

“I enjoyed the story line and the characters but what I appreciated the most was the movement to bring the sinister world of sex trafficking into our awareness so that more can be done to protect our youth and change our own story line as a culture (that) does not allow the opportunity for these crimes to become a reality for future at risk youth.”

Several other readers have also said they wanted to become more involved in fighting trafficking as a result of reading my debut novel. As an author, I couldn’t ask for anything more.

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