I just received an official acceptance letter to Futurescapes, a highly competitive, intensive and exclusive writing workshop of Utah Valley University.

Students are selected based on the extraordinary merit of their writing—and I was only one of a handful to make the first cut. During the conference, I will be working with three faculty mentors on the first 3,000 words of my new novel, while receiving substantive feedback on the overall structure of my query letter, synopsis and story.

This unique workshop takes place from Feb. 16-18 in Utah. It gives writers an unparalleled chance to work with top authors and agents in speculative fiction, which includes science fiction, horror, fantasy and paranormal. Editors and agents at Futurescapes have represented masters like Neil Gaiman, N.K. Jemisin, Elizabeth Hand, Greg Bear, Michael Swanwick, Scott Lynch and William Gibson. Between them, the faculty have dozens of literary nominations and awards (Hugo, Nebula, Campbell, World Fantasy, Stoker, Edgar, Sturgeon and Locus Awards, among others).

Futurescapes began in 2016. It trains new generations of speculative fiction authors to respect the social imperative of this literature of ideas, to harness their vision to anticipate future social problems, to fund applied research into innovative approaches to public problems, and connect civic innovators and speculative imagineers.

Learn more at http://www.futurescapes.ink.