I just received some of the most encouraging feedback yet on my new novel, Real Girl.

Literary agent Paula Munier reviewed my query letter and first chapter as part of the Writer’s Digest University Literary Agent Boot Camp. Paula provided some excellent edits, along with this overall assessment of my science fiction thriller about a lifelike robot who tries to escape from an augmented reality competition where people can hunt and kill her for sport:

“I have every confidence you will find representation,” Paula wrote. “This was a fun and easy read. There’s a lot to recommend this: a likable heroine in Evaline, intriguing world-building, an interesting cast of characters, a well-drawn setting, cool technology, good action, and the promise of more to come. You have a good grasp of the elements of fiction. You know what you are doing, and it shows.”

Last year, I also received some powerful feedback from a professional developmental editor with Writer’s Digest 2nd Draft critique service. The editor assessed my full manuscript, which he described as “Ex Machina/Blade Runner atmospheric science fiction with a Pygmalion twist.”

“This is one of the best unpublished manuscripts I have ever read,” the editor wrote. “This is a science-fiction novel with a lot of heart in addition to the action. It has a strong female character and a man who becomes a better person as a result of his relationship with her—even though she isn’t a ‘real girl.’ This should appeal to everyone who enjoyed Ready Player One plus those who enjoy a coherent future world populated with empathetic and realistic characters.”

Once I finish incorporating the feedback from that editor, I will start pitching literary agents to represent me to a traditional publisher. This has been such a long but fun process. Thanks for all of your support and encouragement along the way!