After more than three years of writing, editing and pitching my new novel, literary agent Paula Munier has agreed to represent my work to traditional publishers based in New York City.

Paula is a senior agent at Talcott Notch Literary, an agency that has an impressive list of bestsellers with the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Amazon. She has worked at Talcott since 2012 and is also a USA Today-bestselling author of the Mercy Carr Mystery series.

I met Paula virtually last year through one of the Writer’s Digest University Literary Agent Boot Camps. Paula provided some excellent edits of REAL GIRL, along with this overall assessment of my science fiction thriller about a lifelike robot who tries to escape from an augmented reality competition where people can hunt and kill her for sport:

“I have every confidence you will find representation,” Paula wrote. “This was a fun and easy read. There’s a lot to recommend this: a likable heroine in Evaline, intriguing world-building, an interesting cast of characters, a well-drawn setting, cool technology, good action, and the promise of more to come. You have a good grasp of the elements of fiction. You know what you are doing, and it shows.”

Working with an agent like Paula is a dream come true for me. She is well-connected to editors in the industry, so I have every confidence she will find the right publishing house for REAL GIRL.