Writer’s Digest just agreed to publish my third article in the 100th anniversary edition of their magazine, which reaches about 70,000 subscribers across the country.

My article will appear in the November/December issue, specifically in the regular IndieLab column that follows trends in the self-publishing business. This article focuses on my experience conducting journalistic research for both The Black Lens and my upcoming novel, Real Girl, which my agent is currently pitching to publishers. Here’s just a brief overview of the piece:

Too many writers start their stories without any research. Even those who do a little “research” barely scratch the surface, sticking to what they can Google. While the reasons vary, some authors find the word itself intimidating. Others assume research only applies to scholarly nonfiction works or autobiographies. But many writers don’t even know where to begin, especially when they’re still trying to figure out the direction of their story.

This can lead to a lack of focus that grinds the story—and ultimately readers—to a halt. Research can help give you that focus to guide the story, because it opens your eyes to those little details that will immerse readers in your world and propel them from beginning to end. This column will teach you how to research like a reporter so you can enrich your stories, whether you’re writing fiction or nonfiction.

Writer’s Digest published my first article last year about how to craft the perfect media pitch and my second article in April about how to create successful book media kits.

I can’t wait to see the 100th anniversary edition!