Writer’s Digest University just invited me back to teach my second webinar, this time about How to Crowdfund Your Book and connect it to a cause. Here’s a brief overview of my session, which will take place on May 26:

It can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars to produce a high-quality, self-published book that competes with its traditionally published counterparts. While some authors may be independently wealthy, most of us don’t have those funds lying around to spend on a professional developmental editor, graphic designer, and every other piece of the self-publishing puzzle. Even if you do have those dollars, the lack of exposure to any readers outside family and friends will probably limit your sales. If planned and executed well, a crowdfunding campaign can provide self-published authors both the funds and exposure you need to kickstart your writing career.


  • What crowdfunding is and the main platforms available
  • Why you should consider crowdfunding
  • How to lead a successful crowdfunding campaign
  • Examples of crowdfunding campaigns: the good, the bad, and the ugly
  • How to transition from crowdfunding to publishing and marketing
  • How to connect your campaign to a cause


Writers who want to:

  • Self-publish fiction or nonfiction, but don’t want to spend thousands of their own dollars on that process
  • Expand their reach of potential readers and reviewers beyond just family and friends through an online community and platform
  • Understand what crowdfunding is, the main platforms available, and the core benefits of each
  • Learn how to lead a successful crowdfunding campaign—and common pitfalls to avoid
  • Get best practices for transitioning from crowdfunding to publishing and marketing
  • Connect their campaign to a cause

I taught my first Writer’s Digest University webinar in December about How to Research Your Novel like a Reporter, which provided writers with best practices from the three years of research I conducted for my award-winning debut novel The Black Lens. Writer’s Digest Magazine also published a related article about that topic in their 100th anniversary issue.

Register today: How to Crowdfund Your Book (writersonlineworkshops.com).