Writer’s Digest University just invited me back to teach my second writing webinar. Titled How to Research Your Novel like a Reporter, this class will provide writers with best practices from the three years of research I conducted for my award-winning debut novel The Black Lens. Here’s a brief overview of the webinar, which Writer’s Digest Magazine also published a related article in their 100th anniversary issue.


Too many fiction writers start their stories without any research. And those who do some research barely scratch the surface, sticking to what they can find on Google or watch on TV. This unique live webinar will teach you how to interview actual sources and research primary documents that can enrich your stories, whether you’re working on a crime thriller, a cozy mystery, or even science fiction that involves new technologies.

As a former reporter with a master’s degree in journalism, Christopher will share with you best practices from the three years of research he conducted for his award-winning debut novel. He’ll also show you how that research helped convince more than a dozen media outlets to publish stories about his book—and how you can do the same.


  • What research is—and is not
  • Why you should research
  • How to research, especially through interviews, exposure, and travel
  • Common pitfalls to avoid when researching
  • How to incorporate research into your story
  • Key resources for research


  • Writers who want to understand more of the value behind research
  • Writers who want to learn how to research
  • Writers who want to get techniques for conducting interviews
  • Writers who want to incorporate travel into their research
  • Writers who want to see how they can weave research into their novel
  • Writers who need additional resources for conducting research
  • Writers who want to avoid common research mistakes

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