I just received the honor of participating in Voices of Freedom, a new monthly podcast hosted by Freedom a la Cart.

This unique podcast about human trafficking hosts a variety of guests, including survivors, law enforcement officers, mental health professionals, and other experts in the field. The goal is to “take the conversation deeper, elevate survivors and their stories, educate the community, and advocate for an important cause.”

Here’s a brief summary of my specific episode and interview:

“Reducing the demand for sex starts with understanding why people solicit sex in the first place. Chris Stollar, author + educator, joins us on this week’s episode to share an inside look at what he has learned from participants who go through¬†She Has A Name’s Solicitor Education Program. Chris also shares a story from Ryan, a Solicitor Education Program graduate, and tells how the program helped Ryan find a new desire to help fight human trafficking. We hope this episode leaves you thinking about demand reduction in a different light.”

Listen to my episode, then check out the other podcasts.