When I turned 40 last summer, I decided to challenge myself to a new goal that mirrors the path to publishing—running a marathon.

I could have never prepared my mind or body for what crossing that finish line yesterday at The Columbus Marathon would feel like, but I will never forget this sign I saw that sums up both journeys:

“Run the mile you’re in.”

Writing and running share so many of the same life lessens, from pacing and progress to patience and perseverance. Here are just a few other things I will always remember from my 4-hour and 8-minute race:

  • The sound of random strangers rooting for me and thousands of other runners on the course
  • The taste of doughnuts passed out by hundreds of volunteers
  • The smell of woodsmoke from neighborhood fire pits in each community we ran through
  • The feel of fist bumping patient champions at every mile marker
  • And the sight of my family cheering for me at the end of my race