Photo of The Black Lens novel with a cup of coffee


Between Amazon and GoodreadsThe Black Lens has received over 100 reviews and ratings with a 4+ star average. By far, the most meaningful reviews have come from actual survivors of human trafficking.

But recently, I noticed two 5-star reviews from retired journalists. That means the world to me, because I am also a former reporter with a master’s degree in journalism who spent more than three years of research on sex trafficking for my debut novel. I conducted interviews with survivors, social workers, and police officers to ground my fiction in fact while still striving to make it a page turner. Here are the two reviews:

Leon Pantenburg

“This book is about sex trafficking in a small Oregon town. The author was a newspaper reporter in that area, and his writing is superb. This is not an easy read. Author Stollar makes the reader see and feel the dirty underbelly of a small town. He shows us how easily young people can get dragged into the sex trafficking world, and how many of these kids go to school in the daytime and are exploited at night.”

Ray Finefrock

“As a retired journalist, I’m always interested in books with a reporter or editor as a main character. Stollar is spot on regarding the daily grind of small town journalism. He also does a real service in exposing the dark and seamy side of sex trafficking in America. This book should be read by anyone who likes a good mystery, but also as a primer to an issue too often ignored, because the victims don’t have money or powerful advocates. It’s not a pleasant read, but it’s a necessary one if you care what happens to teen girls sucked into the sex trafficking life, often through no fault of their own.”