Photo of Chris Stollar speaking in public

Writer’s Digest just agreed to publish my sixth article in their magazine about top public speaking tips for self-published authors.

My new article will appear in the November/December 2024 issue within the regular IndieLab column that follows trends in the self-publishing business. This piece focuses on several tips I’ve learned first-hand while promoting and speaking about The Black Lens. Here’s a brief summary:

While many authors prefer writing to speaking, it’s crucial for those who self-publish to practice both sets of skills. That’s especially true if you want to build a platform, market your books, and promote your personal brand. This column will cover top public speaking tips for self-published authors from an award-winning author, accredited public relations professional, and senior marketing consultant who has delivered over a dozen speeches about his novel at local, state, and even national conferences. You’ll learn how to pitch speaking engagements, tailor your talks to each target audience, and deliver a powerful story-based presentation.

Writer’s Digest reaches about 70,000 subscribers across the country. The magazine published my first article in 2019 about how to craft the perfect media pitch, my second article in 2020 about how to create successful book media kits, my third article in the 100th anniversary edition of their magazine about how to research like a reporter, my fourth article in 2022 about three simple strategies for marketing your book, and my fifth article in 2023 about transitioning to traditional publishing.

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