Christopher Stollar is a former reporter with a master’s degree in journalism who works full time as a public relations consultant for Nationwide.

He conducted more than three years of research on sex trafficking for The Black Lens, including interviews with survivors, social workers and police officers.

The author and his wife have also volunteered with several nonprofit organizations that help victims get off the streets and survivors find safe homes. This in-depth knowledge lends realism to The Black Lens.

Stollar wrote this manuscript because he wanted to tell a great story that also sheds light on the dark underworld of sex trafficking. That’s why he has dedicated 10 percent of his earnings to nonprofit organizations that fight the sex trade.

The author is also the Demand Reduction Coordinator for She Has A Name, an organization that fights human trafficking through education, collaboration and survivor care. That means he works directly with men who have been arrested for soliciting prostitutes through an innovative John School program.

When the author isn’t writing, reading or volunteering with anti-trafficking organizations, he loves spending time with his wife and two children in Columbus, Ohio. He also enjoys a good pint of dark beer.